Precision Laser Cutting

Cutting Above the Standard

Profile Laser has expanded its capabilities and capacity to a whole new level. With the ability to Laser Cut and Process 1” steel, ¾” Stainless and Aluminum plate, we now offer a more diverse option of material thicknesses to our customers.

Materials and thickness we can Laser Cut
Starting at 28ga (.015”)

  • Carbon Steel – Up to 1” (1.000)
  • Stainless Steel – Up to ¾” (.750)
  • Aluminum – Up to ¾” (.750)
  • Copper – Up to ¼” (.250)
  • Brass – Up to ¼” (.250)
  • Bronze – Up to ¼” (.250)
  • Titanium – Up to 5/32” (4mm or .157)

Custom Perforation, Perforated Sheet and Grating

We are able to offer a modern look to any project using our custom perforation process. In addition, we have used the same technique to produce high-grade grating screens for processing machinery and heavy machinery components. Check out our custom perforation and grating.